360 Virtual Tours


About 360 Virtual Tours

360 virtual tours is a fascinating way for businesses to captivate visitors. It uses new technology to showcase their product or service. Because it is highly interactive, it aids the customer’s experience. This could boost customer engagement by bringing the complete experience to customers without them having to leave the comforts of their home.

The 360 video panorama is done by taking a video and making use of the 360 degree panorama technology. This creates a seamless image where the user can simply drag, click or even swing to any angle they like. The user is able to see various angles as the camera moves. As well as this, 360 Virtual Tours encompass simple still images taken from an angle to create exceptional animation sequencing.

360 Virtual Tour for Real Estate and Hotels

Hotels and real estate are two of the most common businesses that use virtual tours. Real estate virtual tour guides the clients in and around the property. This gives the client a complete feel of the house and the property without having to drive out. Hotel virtual tour similarly showcases the hotel’s elegant interiors for potential customers. From the hotel’s front desk to its amenities and rooms, the client could see and feel the entire hotel before they even arrive.

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