About Us

An established and dynamic Marketing and Advertising Agency, IMCS has the knowledge, resources, expertise and experience to fulfill the marketing objectives of your company – helping you raise your profile, increase your market visibility and enhance your business performance.


IMCS takes great care when promoting your company, so as to optimize the relationship between you and your customers. We are equally committed to developing a trust-based relationship between our company and yours.


IMCS began operating in 2001 and has offices in Dubai Media City, UAE and Amman, Jordan. Our team of dedicated professionals continually invent new ways to ensure that our services exceed your expectations.

How can we help you?

We are a full service agency offering creative, development and
marketing services tailored to your needs.

360 Virtual Tours

360 Virtual Tours is truly a unique virtual experience. From the innovation of mere stills, virtual tours uses new technology that allows your customer to inspect and observe the

Corporate Gifts

Who would know a marketing professional better than a marketing professional himself? With 15 years of experience in Marketing and Communication under our belt, looking for

Mobile App Development

Convenience has become a top priority for consumers in this day and age. They want information to be available at a click of a button. IMCS can help your company design an efficient

Web Design and Development

A good web design has such a powerful impact in achieving a successful conversion. A website only has 60 crucial seconds

Search Engine Optimisation

The volume of web search queries inputted by users all over the world is reason alone for any business to aim being on the first

Social Media Marketing

With the dawn of Social Media as a tool for marketing, getting your name out there has never been this competitive. Social

PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising is a cost-effective way of expanding your online visibility. It harbors in targeted traffic and qualified


Below our some of our valued clients. You could be next on our list.

  • Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa
  • Chelsea Group of Hotels
  • City Seasons Group of Hotels
  • Flora Group of Hotels
  • Cayman Estates
  • Century 21 Properties
  • Burooj Properties (ADIB)
  • Terumo
  • Swissboring

  • Warba Bank, Kuwait
  • Corys
  • UAE Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel
  • Al Yasra Food, Kuwait
  • Omega Distribution, Morocco
  • Henkel
  • Atlas Hospitality
  • Azizi Developments
  • Liftek

  • ETA Star Hospitality
  • GEMS Education
  • Summertime Marine Sports
  • Dubai Exotic Limo
  • Q-Gourmet
  • Tennis 360 Academy
  • Healthy Heart Australia
  • Sama Inv. Group, Syria
  • Grace Jet